Services & Capabilities

Our project analysis and bidding process provides a detailed, accurate set of solutions for your problems. Our comprehensive project plans add value and solve your problems faster and more effectively.


We have a staff of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen to handle the most complex brickwork installations.


Refractory gunite installations offer a wide range of products from lightweight insulating materials to dense abrasion resistant products satisfying a wide range of applications. Newer generation materials offer many of the advantages of shocreting without the added expense.


Shocrete refractory products offer the advantage of higher installation rates to provide faster turn-arounds without sacrificing physical properties.

Ceramic Fiber

Our experience ranges from well covers and furnace doors to large modular installations. Our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen can meet your needs on even the most complex ceramic fiber installations.


Plastic refractories offer the advantage of form free installations with no cure time, allowing for heat ups immediately upon completion.


Emisshield High Emissivity Coatings are a NASA developed ceramic material licensed for industry and patented by Emisshield Inc. that saves energy while increasing production in nearly all heat driven industrial applications.

Precast Shapes & Manufacturing

Chase Nedrow Manufacturing handles in house manufacturing of precast refractory products and solutions for multiple industries.