Industries Served

Ferrous and Nonferrous Foundries

We offer quick turnaround times to reduce downtime for our customers. We work on furnace relines & repairs, ladles, cupolas, Coreless furnaces, reverb furnaces, rotary furnaces, and channel furnaces.


We offer quick turnaround times, just-in-time capabilities, and consistent quality. We service preheaters, ladles & ladle covers, troughs, and tundishes.

Heat Treating

We handle projects ranging from small repair jobs to full furnace relines. We will work with you to determine your needs, reduce your downtime, extend your service life, and decrease maintenance & production costs.

Power Generation

We offer refractory repair and installations on sites ranging from small process boilers to large commercial utility boilers.

Cement and Lime

We offer services on vertical & horizontal shaft kilns using both brick and monolithic constructions.


From municipal waste incinerators to hazardous waste to crematories we offer wide range of services ranging from small repairs to complete relines. We will help you determine the correct refractory product for your application.